Business Transformation

Strategy requires focus – on who your target customers are, what the unique value proposition is, and how you will deliver on that promise. We help create that strategic focus and then develop your strategy execution capabilities to deliver stellar results.

Past Client – Case Studies


Vitale, Caturano & Co

Crafted merger-integration strategy execution plan for regional accountancy, enabling the firm to grow over 100% in three years. Built organizational-wide engagement by involving customers and employees at all levels throughout the planning process. Client rapidly achieved profitable growth and built a Great Place to WorkTM as an award-winning and distinctive competitive advantage.



Guided the manufacturing division IT leadership team of this Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company in the development of their IT organization, and the launching of strategic initiatives to attain key organizational objectives. Through a clear strategy and by fostering collaboration among regional divisions, the project supported the creation of their global supply network.



The owners of this family-owned outplacement firm wished to retire. They needed to demonstrate improved profits for several years to maximize the value upon a liquidity event. We guided them in creating a robust strategy, improving the leadership capacity and strengthening performance management using the Balanced Scorecard framework; they were able to meet their goals through a management buy-out within a few years.

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